Windshield Repair Service

The most convenient way to fix minor chips and cracks in the front windshield of your vehicle. In order for your windshield to be a candidate for windshield repair the damage must not be in the driver’s line of vision. Windshield repair takes about 35 minutes.  Most insurance companies waive your deductible resulting in a free repair.

Bullseye Damage

Star Damage

Combo Damage

First Damage: $69.00

Additional Damage: 20.00 Each.

Chips and scuffs, even small cracks in your windshield, can and do occur all the time. Whether you notice it or not, your windshield deflects debris every time you drive. Usually, any damage that occurs is not noticeable until it either rains or the glare from the sun hits your windshield directly, exposing all the micro cracks and chips. Replacing a windshield is simple enough if your insurance covers it, but if it’s just a chip or small crack chances are you’re on your own. Instead of paying out of pocket for something that’s more annoying than it is necessary, ask one of our specialists if a simple touch up will fix your problem.

What is a touch-up? Often times if you have a small crack or even a noticeable chip in your windshield, a replacement is not necessary. Any crack or chip in the glass can be filled in with a special resin that is hardened using ultraviolet light. The only trick to getting away with a slight repair is the positioning of the defect and the condition of the glass around it. If it’s no longer a smooth surface or not cleaned before application, the resin can seal in a smudge, affecting your vision of the road and creating a major annoyance. Obviously, obstructing your vision while driving is not acceptable and very dangerous. Talk to one of our experts today and see what steps you need to take to make your windshield good as new.

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