Micro Paint Repair

Bumper Scuffs • Scratches • Chips and Dents

This exciting new repair process allows us to repair your vehicle’s unsightly paint damage in less time and half the cost than a traditional body shop.

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Little chips in the paint may hardly seem worth the hassle, but they can be an eyesore and even cause rust spots. Plus, it just hurts when you look at them—especially if you love your car. These chips happen when rocks and debris jump up in front of the car, hitting the area all around the hood and front of the vehicle. It’s usually at high speeds, as it’s not as easy as you think to chip that paint.

Because many people believe you have to repaint the entire car, it most certainly doesn’t seem like a good financial decision. Hundreds of dollars for what is essentially vanity. But what if you didn’t have to repaint the entire car? Our team can make your car look shiny and new for much less than a paint shop would charge. Call us today and find out if you can get away with just a simple touch up!

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