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Headlight Repair

If your headlights are so fogged up or “yellowed” that the light is barely making it through anymore, it’s usually time for a cleaning—not a replacement. Oxidation is a common problem that can be reversed with a bit of hard work. Replacement headlights, on the other hand, depending on your vehicle, can cost you a small fortune and are not necessary unless your existing set is actually cracked or broken. With a bit of patience and some hard scrubbing almost any headlight can be made new again. No need to waste money!

Headlight Restoration

While it’s not exactly effortless, restoring headlights is a much cheaper option than replacing them. Home remedies, cheap options online, and even expensive options in stores all work, but knowing what you need for your case is the key. The severity of the oxidation will ultimately determine what type of cleaning product you need and even the process your headlights have to go through. For example, you may see people using sandpaper and all sorts of techniques online, while some get away with a simple cleaning solution that they spray on and wipe off. Through tested techniques, using the right product and our experience, we can not only save you money but time and hard work as well!

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