Lumishield Pro specializes in auto detailing & mobile detailing services in the CT and MA areas.

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  • Hand Wash
  • Air Blow & Vacuum
  • Interior Dusting
  • Hand Wax
  • Windows Washed In & Out
  • Tire Dressing

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Optional Upgrades


(Recommended if your vehicle hasn’t been waxed in the last 6 months.) This process removes road contamination from the paint’s surface. This prepares the vehicle with a smooth surface before waxing for a more durable protection and enhanced shine.


Pet hair removal

This process will remove all pet hair embedded in the carpet and upholstery. To remove any pet odor we recommend our Odor Doctor sanitation/deodorizing system.



Carpets and upholstery are pre-spotted for stains. Complete interior extraction and deodorizing.

car $59/SUV $69


This process removes minor scratches and oxidation from the painted services.

car $59/SUV $69

The Odor Doctor Sanitizer

This system not only removes all foreign smells but sanitizes your complete vehicle including vents and a/c unit. We also recommend this to used-car buyers for that fresh, sanitized, new car feeling. Pet, smoke, and other foreign smells gone!


Maintenance Hand Wash

A hand wash and chamois dry, with window cleaning inside and out.


Wash & Vac

Hand wash & chamois dry, interior blow & vacuum, window wash inside & out, tire dressing.


Headlight Restoration

Removes the cloudy, yellow look in the headlights to improve visibility and auto appearance.


Paint Touch-up

We use the paint code to get the exact match for your vehicle. Complete touch-up of all chips and scratches. $99 and up.

Windshield Repair

This process will fix star, bullseye and combo damage in the windshield. (Insurance co. May waive the deductible resulting in a free repair) $69 and up.

Window Tinting

We use quality 3M film that gives you privacy and UV protection and lasts for years.  Starting at $159.  Contact us for a custom estimate.

Lumi-Clear clearcoat restoration auto detailing East Windsor CT

LumiShield Renew

Permanently removes scratches and oxidation bringing the paint back to like-new condition. Recommended for heavy scratches and faded paint. Great alternative to a paint job! $400/$450

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12 Exterior & Interior Details

Improves Resale Value by 30%

1 Basic Detail per Month

Vehicles stay in Full-Detail Condition

LumiShield is the home of the $99 detail.  We can clean anything for almost nothing! With this one, there is no secret—just hard work! Our team works hard to bring your car back to peak condition, no matter what it takes. However, believe us when we say that sometimes even a good cleaning isn’t enough. We can rid your car of odors, garbage, and most stains, but there are limits. We do everything we can to clean up even the worst of stains, no matter what they’re made of, but sometimes the carpet will need to be replaced. If you think this may apply to you please call us and talk to one of our team members before you come in. You can look at the list of detailing services above to get a good idea of what we can do here. If you have a question about something that is not on the list, or anything that is, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your question!